Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Ripleys Guinness Rishi - The Record Breaker - Oddly In India - 101India

With 25 Guinness Book Records and 25 certificates from the Limca Book of Records, Ripleys Guinness Rishi is obsessed with holding world records. To pursue his weird obsession, he's gotten the flags of 366 countries tattooed on his body, with 46 of them just on his head. Rishi also holds the record for the most number of straws simultaneously held in the mouth. To bag this record, Rishi went so far as to have all of his teeth removed! He's delivered pizza from Mumbai to USA, rode 15,000km on a moped, and even holds the record for shortest time taken to finish a bottle of ketchup with a straw! At this point, all Ripleys Guinness Rishi wants is recognition for all that he has done. So if Prime Minister Narendra Modi is listening, get this man a Padma Shree already!

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