Thursday, 17 November 2016

Aloo Kachaloo Kahan Gaye They - Hindi Kavita - Minnu and Mintu Hindi Rhymes

Here comes the most popular Hindi rhyme "Aloo Kachaloo Kahan Gye The Hindi Rhyme" on Minnu and Mintu Hindi Rhymes By Videogyan. Funny Rhyme which learn your children Vegetables names in a very simple way.

Aaloo Kachaloo Beta Kahan Gaye The,

Baigan Ki Tokari Mein So Rahe The,

Baigan Ne Laat Maari Ro Rahe The,

Mummy Ne Pyaar Kiya Hans Rahe The,

Papa Ne Paise Diye Naach Rahe The,

Bhaiya Ne Laddoo Diye Kha Rahe The….

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