Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Learn Colours With Ball Machine | Colors For Kids | Videos For Toddlers

Learn Colours for kids with the VG Fun videos with cute little babies.
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Learn Colours With Ball Machine | Colors For Kids | Videos For Toddlers

Babies love to play around with different toys. But nothing can be more exciting than vehicles! Learning about them and seeing them being formed right from the tiniest of parts can really open up a whole new world for kids! Come join us in opening surprise eggs and toy around with different kids of transport vehicles which will help the children to learn about them, their colours and how to use them.! In this new interactive learning video series, Videogyan plans to bring entertainment and education together! In an innovative way of course!

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Heard the saying “the world is colourful”? Well, it is indeed true! Colours are all around us! In various objects, flowers, rainbows and many other natural forms and wonders. Wouldn’t it be fun if kids can identify the colours easily? Videogyan has just that ready for you! In this new colour learning series, we bring together videos about the use of colours in different objects. From ice-creams to candies to lollipops and even the children can share some fun time painting cars with bright and lively colours! Not only will the kids learn about colours, but they also end up recognizing them around us with ease! Sounds fun right? Join us with the funny babies as they dive to a fun filled colourful world!

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