Thursday, 21 December 2017

Aaha Tamatar Bada Mazedar - Hindi Rhymes - Hindi Nursery Rhymes compilat...

Aaha tamatar bada mazedar is the favorite rhymes for small kids. This rhyme encourage kids to eat vegetable and yummy Tomato. This is the beautiful and popular hindi Rhyme. Kids love cartoon and and cute actions by kids. They will enjoy our beautiful 3D Animated Hindi Rhymes for Kids. Aaha Tamatar bada mazedar, Upar Pankha Chalta hai, Machli Jal ki Rani hai, kids like Cartoons and Nursery Rhymes are best tool for learning for Kids.
Poems are the beautiful and very entertaining way for kids to learn the fundamental ways of language.

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Aa ha tamatar bada majedar, wah tamatar bada majedar
Ek din isko chuhe ne khaya, bili ko bhi mar bhagaya

Aa ha tamatar bada majedar
Ek din isko patlo ne khaya, motu ko bhi mar bhagaya

Aa ha tamatar bada majedar
Ek din isko chinti ne khaya, hathi ko bhi mar bhagaya

Aa ha tamata bada majedar, wah tamatar bada majedar

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Jugnu Kids is about kids and their all around growth. Jugnu Kids is a YouTube channels for small Kids and preschoolers, we share kids rhymes which are 3D animated and designed to give your kids best and enjoyable learning with Coolest characters Boo, Lily, Adi and More Animal Characters. Here kids can enjoy and Learn English Rhymes, Hindi Rhymes, and dance with popular nursery rhymes.

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